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An Affair To Remember
Die Hard (1, 2, 3, 4)
Drop Dead Fred
Finding Neverland
Gone With The Wind
Grave of the Fireflies

House of D
I Am Sam
In the Mood For Love
La Mome

Love Actually
Love Me If You Dare (Jeux D'Enfants)
Mighty Celt
Mamma Mia
Mary Poppins

Mean Girls
The Sound of Music
Spirited Away
Singin' In the Rain

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    That's nice! I've heard SF is a lovely city to live in.

    So did you go see Lucy at the recent REAF benefit in SF? Or are you a Renee fan? LOL.

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    Reply from lostvoodoo:

    heheh. i have to say that i'm more of a Renee fan than of Lucy's. i think you can tell that from my banner :P
    but i like Lucy, and if i hadn't been gone to Seattle the last time she was here, maybe I would've seen her in concert :) but the concert announcement was made long after the Seattle trip was booked... and plus, my family was visiting from home. there's no way i could've escape it. lol.

    how bout u? LL or ROC fan? :)